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If your employment needs fall in the areas of
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Our business is...
Making Your Business Better

“Kimco has been a pleasure to work with. Prompt attention is given to our requests and great follow-up skills have ensured we are able to select and hire someone as fast as is possible. In this business, timing is everything and if any time is wasted, it could mean not being able to hire the person who is selected. Thank you for providing excellent customer service.”

Cindy V.

“Good service and the fact that Kimco shows in their actions that they care about their workers as well as our business. They do partner with us and try to help us in our business needs working for a good solution that benefits both parties.”

Nalene C.

“Kimco has been highly responsive to our needs and has partnered with us for all of our needs, as well as investigating issues as they have arisen.”

Steven R.

“Kimco is my first choice for office temporary help because they send me top-quality individuals that are ready to work. On the very rare occasion that I was unhappy with a Kimco associate, an adjustment was made and I returned to being a satisfied customer. Branch personnel are happy, helpful and high caliber.”

Jim S.

“Excellent follow-up on request for temp. Knowledgable person always available in office. Good communication between staff. All staff appear aware of clients needs.”

Dan S.

The Kimco Guarantee...
We're Here To Protect You

As a reputable company that prides itselflogo in doing what we say we do, we guarantee that our employees are skill tested and personally interviewed to ensure you a workforce you can hire.

We're here to protect you.