Kimco Timecards

Kimco Timecards and Instructions

Download Timecard
Send to to your Branch Office.

Important timecard reminders:
  • The Timecard must have your:
    • Name
    • Job #
    • Employee ID #
    • Kimco Branch
    • Week Ending Date (always a Sunday).
  • Completed timecards are due each Monday by noon or at the end of each assignment, whichever comes first.
  • Payday is every Friday.
  • When assignment ends, complete your timecard, have it signed by your supervisor, and submit promptly.

Tips for completing your timecard:

  • Use a black ink, ballpoint pen and print neatly.
  • Print your name on the top line of the timecard.
  • Print Job #, Employee ID #, Kimco Branch, and Week Ending Date (always a Sunday).
  • Each Day write: the date, time in, time out for lunch, time in from lunch, and time out for the day.
  • Round all hours to the nearest quarter (15) hour -Regular hours, Overtime Hours, and Double Time.
  • Draw lines through the days not worked.
  • If you make a mistake, please have the supervisor initial the correction.
  • Add up and record the week’s Total Regular hours, Overtime hours, and Double time hours worked.
  • Overtime must be approved in advance by your supervisor. Call your branch with any questions.
  • Sign the timecard on the “Employee’s Signature” line.
  • Print the name of the company where you worked.
  • Have the company supervisor review, sign and date your timecard.
Drop off your timecard at your branch or Fax it to your Branch Office.